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Use this form to book DMC equipment, workstation, studio. The service is for Rice ID holders only.
Video Cameras and Tripods
Video Cameras
High End AV Equipment
The following equipment are expensive and high end. Completion of a Special Borrower Agreement Form is required for every single checkout.
Nikon DSLR Camera and Accessories
Nikon DSLR Camera
Nikon Lens
Nikon Flash
Canon DSLR Camera and Accessories
Canon DSLR Camera
Canon Lens
Canon Flash
Sony Mirrorless Camera and Accessories
Sony Camera
Sony Lens
Sony Flash
Gimbal and Camera Stabilizers
Prerequisite: Patrons must complete a 15 minute training session with either the DMC Supervisor or DMC Support Specialists before checking out the Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Gimbal Stabilizer. There are several motors and moving parts that are susceptible to damage if not handled properly.
Projectors and Screen
Audio Equipment
Audio Recorders
Microphones for Phone and Tablet
Microphone Stands
Cables and Adapters
Display Adapters
Audio Adapters and Cables
Mounting Adapters and USB
Power Adapters
Other Equipment